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Visit Alberni Valley Wage Subsidy Program/AV Employment Centre    Last Update 2011/4/6 12:51
Category  Educational  :  Government
Contact  Susan Steele/ Jaqueline Russell   
Postal Code V9Y 8J5
Address  4805B Mar Street , Port Alberni , B.C.
Phone: 720-8911/724-4560   Fax: 720-8912
Services are provided to clients referred from Employment Assistance Services, Targeted Wage Subsidies provides help to gain on the job training and valuable work experience.

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Visit BC Hydro Power Smart    Last Update 2010/3/2 11:48
Category  Government
Contact  Chris Hannah   
Postal Code V9R 5M3
Address  400 Madsen Road , Nanaimo , BC
Phone: 250-755-4784   Fax: 250-755-4710
To work with business improvement groups and community associations to provide them with concrete ways to help save energy in homes and businesses.

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Visit Canada Post    Last Update 2007/8/30 14:37
Category  Government  :  City Links
Contact  Keith Dawe   
Postal Code V9Y 1V0
Address  601-3555 Johnston Road , Port Alberni , B.C.
Phone: 250-723-4927   Fax: 250-723-0906
Canada Post

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Parks Canada Pacific Rim National Park Reserve Ucluelet    Last Update 2011/5/26 15:59
Category  Attractions & Recreation  :  Government
Contact  Email   
Postal Code V0R 3A0
Address  P.O. Box 280 2185 Ocean Terrace Road , Ucluelet, BC
Phone: (250) 726-7721   Fax: (250) 726-4720
Pacific Rim National Park

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Visit Service Canada    Last Update 2006/5/22 11:49
Category  Government  :  City Links
Contact  Trent Derrick   
Postal Code V9Y-1V9
Address  4805 Mar Street, Unit A, , Port Alberni , BC
Phone: 250-724-0151   Fax: 250-723-4239
Service Canada offers information on, and help in accessing Government of Canada benefits and services such as:
* CPP and OAS
* Employment Insurance
* Social Insurance Numbers
* Employment Assistance programs
Click, call, or visit to discover the wide range of programs and services available to you. Contact our Citizen Service Specialist for more information or to request a group.

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