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Thursday November 8, 2012  

(Manager is on vacation!)
Are you one of the many people who use social media to communicate? Do you Tweet? Facebook? Pin on Pinterest?
While in Victoria last weekend, I found myself turning to my handy, out- dated iPod for assistance. We wanted to explore new places find new restaurants. Looking for some useful apps, I found the “Urban Spoon” quite useful.
We toured around the outskirts of Victoria, relying on our GPS system. “The voice” kindly told us where to go and which routes to take. The system is quite simple and easy to use. We were only lost twice!
Halloween was “Facebooked and Tweeted”. Plenty of parents were updating as they took their children around neighbourhoods how bad the weather was and who had the best candy!
Are the days gone where we just hop in the car, take our chances as to our destination or do we have to check online to see who has the better ratings?
Were you in on the Tweet up last Tuesday? Minister Naomi Yamamoto, Minister of State for Small Business, (@NaomiYamamoto) held a twitter town hall regarding the Small Business Accord.

The Small Business Accord will be designed to develop a regulations framework to reduce red tape and help make BC the most business-friendly jurisdiction in the country.
The consultation process involves public engagement (the twitter town hall) and an online survey -

For more information on the Small Business Accord

Shared from: Community Futures Alberni Clayoquot
Small Business Success November 12 newsletter:

Websites businesses should refer to:
Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce is the Alberni Chamber’s website. Not only does it contain valley and Chamber information, but you can access all our member’s websites and even shop on our on-line auction!
Canadian Chamber of Commerce
Most chambers of commerce across the country are members of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce; the organization represents more than 420 chambers and boards of trade, which in turn represent 192,000 businesses. Check this site often to find out what's going on in the Canadian business world.
Canadian Federation of Independent Business
The CFIB has almost 110,000 members and is the voice of small business from coast to coast. The association fights for fair taxation, reasonable labour laws and a reduction in the regulatory paper burden we all face. Check out the association's surveys and reports to discover the latest news affecting small business.
This tremendously useful site puts you in touch with a world of freelancers just waiting to do your bidding. If budgets are tight, or you can't find someone with just the right skill, or expertise, check out Elance and browse the thousands of portfolios and find the perfect match.
This is a great site for up to date information on what's happening in the world of hardware and software. There are thousands of reviews and you can download just about anything. They scour the Internet for the best deals so check out the special offers; you probably won't find what you want for less anywhere else.
Business Development Bank of Canada
This website is well worth a visit and keep bookmarked for future reference. BDC's mission is to create and develop Canadian businesses through financing, venture capital and consulting services, with a focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The bank is dedicated to assisting Canadian entrepreneurs and currently helps almost 28,000 businesses reach their full potential.
One thing for sure is social networking is here to stay. It’s important for us to use it wisely.

Now, if I knew how to make an App for Port Alberni…

For many of you this is old news but to those of us who are older - this is news.
Thought for the Week:
“People are not an interruption of our business. People are our business.” Walter E Washington

Friday November 2, 2012  

November is promising to be a busy time with Christmas Craft fairs season beginning, the New Uptown Business fair to Santa Claus Christmas events.
Let’s not forget Remembrance Day on the 11th.We thank all our countrymen past and present who fought for Canada so we can enjoy the freedom and lifestyle we have today.
The New Uptown Businesses would like to invite you to a Mini-Trade Fair on Saturday and Sunday November 3 and 4th. These new businesses will share what they have to offer. You should pop into the fair after shopping at the Farmer’s Market, after soccer or after lunch! And if you happen to attend on Saturday evening there will be live entertainment.
The Craft Fairs have already begun with the first event being “Christmas Presence” at Glenwood Centre November 2 from 1-7pm. Also this weekend is the 30th Annual Artisans Faire, and the Magic Cottage Craft & Gift Sales! Check them out!
There are too many craft fairs to list here, so please check out the Calendar of Events on our web page: If I’ve missed your event, please contact me at with details.
Tickets go on sale November 5th for the Annual Santa Train ride at Echo Centre.
Stop in at Rollin Art centre and find out what you can do to help with the First Annual Celebration of Light.
Also in November is a Cultural Sharing Festival. This free event is a city wide pot luck supper hosted by Literacy Alberni. It’s a time for sharing food, customs, dance, music, and traditions. Contact by email info@literacyalberni or phone 250-723-7323 for more information.

Thank you,
Deb Oakes
Executive Assistant
Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce
Twitter: @albernichamber

Wednesday October 31, 2012  

Editorial from the BC Chamber of Commerce:
From our rugged environment, generations of British Columbians built a province where prosperity is widely shared. And from our efforts - over many years and with governments of different political stripes - B.C. built a strong middle class and a vibrant entrepreneurial culture that to this day remains the backbone of our economy and our society. B.C.'s economic and natural advantages have helped us weather many storms. Even as the global economy struggles through a period of turmoil and uncertainty, in B.C. we are still creating new jobs. And while other jurisdictions have had to slash important public services to balance budgets, here at home health care and education remain strong even as the government tightens its belt.
But as resilient as B.C. is, we are not immune to global economic forces. As a small economy that is dependent on open trade, those forces will eventually overtake us unless steps are taken today to secure our prosperity for tomorrow. And that means we have to ask ourselves some tough questions and have an informed discussion about what that future looks like - a serious debate about what it takes to make sure we continue to grow and provide new opportunities for workers, families and young people. But quite frankly, we are avoiding the debate. And in so doing, we believe we are putting at risk all those things that make B.C. strong and give us hope for a prosperous future. Just open a newspaper or turn on the evening news and you can see the problem.
Yes, there is a tremendous amount to say about all those things we are against - be it a new dam, a pipeline, a mine, or even a highway upgrade. Without exception, the voices raised against economic development dominate the headlines. But there is precious little conversation about just what exactly we are for. It's as though the billions of dollars of investment, the countless new jobs, and the money flowing into communities across B.C. that new projects can provide just doesn't matter. Opponents of new economic developments seem to believe we can maintain our standard of living without building anything new and without investing in the infrastructure that is the lifeblood of any sustainable and growing economy.
Well, we say it's time to change the conversation. We say it's time to have an honest and realistic debate about what it's going to take to grow British Columbia's economy, create new economic opportunities, and give our young people hope for the future. Such a debate about our future starts with the recognition that we can't distribute or share wealth we don't create. It's folly to think otherwise. After all, the hospitals, schools and public services we value don't come free. They are built with the revenues produced by skilled workers and businesses in this province. That's the way B.C. was built over many generations and that's how B.C. will grow for the next generation. It's that simple. And those of us who believe B.C.'s future requires us to harness the potential of our people and resources have to have the courage to say so.
Of course, every new economic development project has to be judged on its merits. They have to be planned thoughtfully with a view to their overall strategic impact on the economy. The era of top-down, one size fits all decision-making is over. The public needs be included in decisions, important environmental values must be adhered to and First Nations must be included in the decisions that affect their lives and their future. The world has changed and we have to change with it. But that does not mean we give up on the idea that we derive our quality of life from our natural wealth. That would be to give up on the very potential we have as a province and on what makes us strong. If we do that, we will consign future generations to a rapidly declining standard of living in an economy that can't support the services we depend on. And that's a future no one wants.
So let's not only talk about what we are against. That's the easy part. Let's get serious and start talking about what we are for.
Thought for the Week:
“Mistakes are the portals of discovery.” James Joyce

Wednesday October 24, 2012  

The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce is running an online auction on our website, There is a plethora of interesting auction items, including Victoria golf packages, golf accessories, romantic getaways, books and vehicle detailing. The bids are coming in now, but remember, the auction cut off day is November 30th. Review the auction item line up, make your best bid and hopefully, you will walk away with a great prize and we thank you for your kind support of the Chamber of Commerce.

Traditionally, the chamber has a raffle for a customized

Wednesday October 17, 2012  

The Alberni Valley Chamber of Commerce would like to invite you to our first online auction!
Open to everyone. This is an online auction to support your local Chamber of Commerce.
When? Now, but only until November 30, 2012
How? Check out the many great items for auction, click on the item to make a bid; Come back daily to see if anyone out bids you! (bids change Mon to Fri at 2pm)
We will notify you after December 3rd, 2012 if you are the highest bidder!

“It’s just that easy” Shell Busey.

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